Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just chillin

Well damn.  Today would be 4.5 months on the Appala-chian Trail had I been able to go in March.  My life is very different now.  I still have that dream but I just don't know when I can make it happen.  Oh well.  Life.  I haven't been very motivated to write lately.  CR sits next to the fish tank with his philosophy book... waiting for his next appearance I suppose.  I'll get a pic of him checking out the fish soon.  He likes watching the fish.  I'm sitting next to the person tank now and there is a very beautiful woman swimming.  I'm very distracted.  She was sitting next to the pool also but suddenly closed her lappy, stripped down, and jumped into the pool.  Good timing on my part.  No, she's not naked but... small bikini.  I like.  I suppose I'll sit here until she gets out.  Dirty old man.  There she is in that pic... just off to the left.  Yeah, I know.  Not good.  Until laters.

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