Saturday, July 19, 2008

Morning After

I went to a CD release party last night for Burt (Bubba the WhoopAss) Wilson.  It was awesome.  It's crazy that a song about a piano can make you cry.  Ahem.... I mean... cough cough... something in my eye.  Sorry.  I was reading my new book (Rimes with spook) this morning and  SOMEONE just couldn't leave me alone.  It is my fault I suppose.  I've created a monster robot.  Insatiable his appetite for knowledge is.  Among Star Wars geeks it is really funny how often someone slips into 'Yoda Speak'.  Of course I'm sitting here with one of R2D2's good friends so am I a geek or just guilty by association?  It is annoying when CR slips into 'R2 speak'.  I get confused and think it's time to get up.  May the gravity be with you.

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