Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 G Molly

Years ago I joined the 5 Litre Guinness Club.  A very cool lady at the Dog & Bone started the club and one night it just seemed like the thing to do.  5 litres of G will make you very happy.  Recently my buddy, Bender, and I stopped by the joint to have a few beers.  It's cool that some things don't change.  5G Molly was still there and we had a blast.  Bender and I shot a bunch of darts and some pool and had a fairly copious amount of beer.  We also had to refuse an underage bimbo that thought she could wile us with her womanly ways into purchasing a beverage for her.  We are far too sophisticated for such.  So here we are chillin with 5G Molly and our perfectly poured Gs.  M is practicing for an official Guinness pouring contest which we believe she will win.  Cheers Molly!

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